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Airnace SA


Service center

Maintenance needed to keep our workplaforms well working brought us to develop our competence center specialized in aerial workplatforms. Since 2016, our service center is certified by the swiss regulatory body. You can always get in touch with us for the maintenance of your own platforms.

Cleansing and treatment

To cleanse and treat roofs, façades and walls, Airnace SA is a specialized vendor of the whole Algimouss range. Contact us now for more details or take a look at our catalog.


To guarantee the maximum reactivity, all our operations are centralized. This is to optimize the availability of our machines, to lower delivery time and to limit delay to take machines back in the end of the location.

Our significant float (jeep, truck, low bed trailer), we can deliver at any time our machines to our customers with guaranteed delivery time.

By sending our worker to deliver, we ensure the best instruction to use our machines, done by a professional. This give better work with the machine as well as greater security.